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Classmates in the Library


Why have a tutor?

1-1 Tuition is the perfect way to improve your child's skills, reduce anxiety, and boost your confidence.

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Classmates in the Library


I can support your child across the subject ranges. I have experience in phonics, reading and writing at KS1 as well as supporting and extending writing and reading at KS2. 
My Maths tutoring at KS1 includes practical support as far as is possible, with concrete materials to support learning. Within KS2 I will ensure that the objectives are met and understood.
Most importantly I will ensure that provision is tailored towards the needs of your individual child.

Boys at School


I am a level 7 specialist dyslexia teacher. I also undertake Dyslexia assessments.
I will work closely with your child and ensure the requirements of any reports that have been undertaken are being met, as well as any support their school are providing. 
I have taught and supported many dyslexic children within my teaching career and have also supported my own children who are both dyslexic.
I understand the needs and anxieties which are involved for both child and parent.

Girls Studying


Choosing to tutor your child for the 11+ entrance tests can be a stressful time. 
I will ensure that your child is properly prepared for the correct tests and will keep you informed throughout of any areas which need further support. 
1:1 tutoring allows for your child to have the areas in need catered especially for them, rather than within a group where their needs might not be met. 
Competition for places is high and being tutored does not guarantee a place.

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